Joe is horrified to find Wendy in a state after being a victim of rape. Matt and Annie are questioned as they witnessed the attacker. Colly goes on the warpath and hunts down Poor Ocker when he suspects him of being the attacker.


Dolly is ecstatic to be back home and free again. Wendy Hotson has been raped after the farmer's social last night. Matt and Annie saw a man run across the road from The Struggle near to where the incident took place while Joe found her. Amos tries to get a bridge team together, thinking him, Henry, Annie and Donald. He is annoyed when a cat keeps finding it's way into The Woolpack. Smarty Garret picks Poor Ocker up in the village on his motorbike. They go for a drink in The Woolpack and give Maurice a hard time over the changes NY Estates are making in the village. As the police arrive to talk to Annie and Matt, Matt worries about talking to them, thinking about how the rapist's family will feel having to live in the village with everybody knowing their son is a rapist. Wendy's father, Colly, is out for blood as he tries to find who is responsible. He confronts Annie to find out what she knows when the police leave. He's suspicious when she says the only distinguishing feature she could make out was that he was wearing an army grey coat. He frets about how it will leave Wendy psychologically. Amos gets a shock when he starts spring-cleaning at The Woolpack and finds they have a mouse. Colly notices Poor Ocker wearing a grey coat and goes after him.


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