Debbie and Jasmine can't lift Shane's body. Debbie brings Eli to the flat and they ask for his help but he is horrified and ignores Debbie's tearful pleas. Jasmine begs Eli for Debbie's sake and he reluctantly agrees. They pack a case for Shane and use his credit card to buy a ticket to make it seem like he's done a runner then they load Shane's body into the back of the van after taking it out in a wheelie bin. Paddy tells Donna she is making a terrible mistake in confessing to Marlon and begs her to keep her silence and Donna is thrown into confusion and confesses that she's in love with both of them. Paddy and Donna are interrupted by Marlon's return and Paddy leaves them alone, confident that he's persuaded her to keep her silence. Chas worries about Aaron's recent behaviour and Aaron reveals that he went off the rails after his dad and stepmum had a baby. Chas tries to make things right, but Aaron refuses to talk about it. Aaron is unimpressed when the Dingles insist he stays at Wishing Well Cottage and it's clear that he will have trouble agreeing to tow the Dingle line.


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