Eli, Debbie and Jasmine bring Shane's body back to the village but don't know how to dispose of it. Ross turns up and asks Jasmine if she knows where Shane is and she convinces Ross that he's done a runner. Debbie and Eli are interrupted by Chas and Aaron and only just manage to get rid of them before Aaron sees the body and they find a way to dump Shane's corpse. Ross is despondent when Paddy tells him that he will never be able to give Donna the stability and commitment that Marlon can and if he loves her he should leave her. Ross is talked round and tells Donna that now that Shane's done a runner, it's best that Marlon never finds out. Ross insists that he wants her to be happy and they sadly agree that the love affair is over. Chas catches Aaron sneaking out and is hurt but she offers to take him back to Gordon's if that's what he really wants. But when they arrive Gordon refuses to let Aaron back in the house. Aaron realises he'll have to stay with his mum to avoid care, but he makes it clear he's not happy about it. Later, Aaron sneaks out while Chas is asleep.


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