Ashley and Laurel are rocked to hear that the Diocese have accepted an offer from Eric and the church sale is going ahead, despite the choir's success. The villagers and choir members are heartbroken and Nicola feels guilty. Eric and David face a barrage of criticism, while Nicola is gutted when Laurel tells her their friendship is over. Matthew talks to his lawyers about putting pressure on Polek after getting a letter from the bank threatening legal action, but is frustrated when he's told there is little that can be done. Anna offers to release her equity in De Souza to save King and Sons. Matthew is torn and Carl, realising that Matthew is still wracked with guilt over Donald, tells him he owes it to Anna to tell her the truth about her father. But Matthew is terrified that he will lose Anna if he reveals the truth. Edna is relieved when Lily reveals that her operation was a success. Edna and Lily agree to start afresh and Edna comes clean about the raffle money. Lily is stunned to hear that Peter didn't pay the money back, but is touched that Edna sacrificed everything to help her. The sisters are reunited and embrace. Val feels guilty that she thought Lily had just been faking an illness. Mick warns Jo that a few of the sheep might have liver fluke. With bills already piling up, Jo stresses that they can't afford a vet. Left with few options, Mick gets advice from Andy.


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