Colly interrogates Poor Ocker and a fight ensues, stopped by the police. Later, after running into problems with NY Estates, Smarty Garret and Ocker get their own backs by starting a fire.


Amos has spread mousetraps all over The Woolpack to Henry's annoyance. Annie receives a call saying Donald is going back to Greece as there may be a chance of Clive being released from prison. As Colly continues to attempt to get to the bottom of Wendy's rape, Amos warns him not to do anything stupid. Ignoring his advice, Colly grabs hold of Ocker when he walks in The Woolpack and demands he tell him where he was the night of Wendy's rape. Smarty tries to pull him off. The police arrive at The Woolpack to speak to Smarty about his driving and separate the fight. Annie finds out Sam seems to be doing a tour of the guesthouses in Morecambe with Arthur when she keeps receiving postcards from different addresses. Mrs. Hotson and Annie try to calm Colly down but only get him more riled up. Annie consoles Mrs. Hotson as she breaks down crying. Smarty rants about NY Estates to Henry. In private, he and Poor Ocker cook up a plan to get back at them. Later that night, they start a fire on NY Estates land.


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