Jo is unnerved when Andy turns up at the farm with a Christmas tree. Jo goes to the suppliers with Mick and Andy takes the opportunity to loosen seals on the washing machine. Lee catches him red-handed and the pair have a fight. Jo comes back and is furious and when she discovers that Andy has turned saboteur. She orders him to leave. Lee comforts a sobbing Jo, who tells Lee that she wants to leave the village and she wants him to help her. The Kings are allowed to collect their belongings from Home Farm, but the brothers end up squabbling over whether to stay in the village and recreate the business from ruins or leave the village after Home Farm has been emptied. Nicola begs a job and a room from Paddy, but he refuses to help her. Paul is equally unhelpful and her efforts to engineer a grace period from Edna fall on deaf ears. As others in the village turn her down, Nicola seeks solace in the church. Finding her former friend deep in prayer, Laurel takes pity on her and offers a stay at Mulberry Cottage. Also, Donna finds out that Ross has got a transfer.


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