Chas tells Carl she is not interested and to forget what happened yesterday, insisting he patches things up with Lexi. Carl attempts to put up a fight but Chas tells him to stop running from his responsibilities and fight for a future in the village. Before he can say more they are interrupted by Eli and Aaron. Aaron regards Carl with contempt and he's got no option than to leave. At the Woolpack, Eli questions Chas over Carl's intentions but she dismisses his concerns. Meanwhile, Vaughan orders Donna, Drake and Charlotte to raid Shane’s flat for evidence. The three of them find the drugs and money left by Eli and inform Vaughan. Vaughan is riled to hear the evidence of Shane's corruption and orders them to move mountains in an attempt to locate him, keeping quiet until they do. Later, Debbie and Jasmine are relieved to hear Donna's urging them to move on from Shane as that is what she will be doing. At Home Farm, Rodney is clearing out the office when he receives a message about a shoot in the grounds that was not cancelled. Rodney tries to talk to the Kings but is given short shrift. Conspiring, Rodney gets Jamie on board to help go ahead with the Home Farm shoot behind the Kings backs. He ropes Katie in to help with the horses though neglecting to tell her the exact circumstances.


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