Marlon gives Donna an infinity ring on her birthday, but her mind is still on Ross. Later, Donna is called in for questioning about Shane's death and is asked if Ross was aware of Shane's involvement with the MacFarlanes. Donna is taken aback when Marlon asks her if Ross will have to return to the village to make a statement. Jasmine is shaky when she's called to the police station for questioning but the investigating officer puts the nerves down to her fling with Shane. Even when an emotional Jasmine blurts out that Shane is dead because of her, her comments are misinterpreted by the officer and Jasmine is allowed to leave. Debbie is relieved that Jasmine managed to stick to the story and confident that the heat is now on the MacFarlanes. Val decides to hold a New Year toga party at The Woolpack. When some of the villagers moan that they can't afford the white linen costumes that Val has demanded for the dress code, Sam steals a bag of bed sheets from the B&B. At the party, Jamie is furious when he spots the Dingles wearing his missing bed linen and privately plots his revenge!


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