Joe and Kitty find the rapist and a chase ensues, with Seth and Amos going into pursuit. However, the chase takes a dark turn when Poor Ocker and Smarty Garret accidentally knock him down on their motorbike.


Amos is woken by the phone in The Woolpack bar and bumps into the mouse traps he set and falls over, waking Henry also. Henry answers it and discovers there's been a fire at Kimber Barn. Amos dashes off. The fire brigade finish putting the last of the fire out as Amos arrives and quizzes Joe and Maurice on what they witnessed, they suspect arson. They speculate over why Colly is skulking about. Later that morning, Amos is forced to scrap his front page idea when he receives an anonymous phone call. At the same time at the other end of the village, Smarty leaves a telephone box and passes Joe and Kitty on his motorbike. Joe picks up a man at the side of the road and offers to drop him off in the village. Kitty is unnerved when she notices he is wearing a coat matching the description of the rapist. He jumps out of the car. Joe goes to the police and reports the man's description. Amos tells PC Edwards that he has received an anonymous phone call stating the arson was deliberate and aimed at NY Estates for their changes in the area. Maurice calls at the farm wanting to see Annie over how he can help Wendy. Later, Joe witnesses the hitchhiker running through a field on Emmerdale Farm land. He and Matt chase after him but fail to catch up. They phone the police. Smarty plans another 'anonymous' phone call threatening to do more damage to NY Estates unless they stop vandalising the village. The hitchhiker bumps into Colly who notices his coat and gives chase. He runs out into a road and is hit by Smarty and Ocker on his motorbike.


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  • The unnamed Man who is hit by a motorbike is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
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