Jasmine tells Debbie that she intends to confess to the police, while an angry husband on the warpath leads to a trip to hospital.


Jasmine tells Debbie that she is going to confess to the police. Debbie is very matter of fact and begins to tell Jasmine about everything she'll be sacrificing by losing her freedom. When Jasmine seems intent on proceeding, Debbie packs her a hold-all and offers to drive her to the police station, trying to call her bluff. Outside the police station Debbie manages to convince Jasmine to wait a little longer and see what happens. Jasmine is grateful and thanks Debbie for her support and the girls kiss passionately. Jimmy is furious when Katie accidentally lets slip that Rodney has gone ahead with the Home Farm hunt and he heads to the B&B along with Richard, the husband of one of the huntswomen, who thinks Rodney is up to no good with his wife! Rodney hears the commotion and makes a swift and semi-naked exit through the factory. Jimmy heads upstairs at the B&B and Richard follows behind with a gun. Jamie tries to wrestle the weapon from his grasp and the gun goes off and shoots Jimmy in the behind. Carl panics when he hears that Jimmy has been shot until he realises his brother's injuries are far from serious.


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