Crazy Jim tries to get closer to Penny by lying about Sharon and Trash. Meanwhile, Henry proposes to Alison, but she is unsure about remarrying.


Alison and Henry discuss their past; he doesn't believe she should have been sent to prison. He asks her again to marry him, but she doesn't know. Jim helps Penny redecorate the millhouse, he mentions how Trash spied on him when he was with Sharon, pretending she was his girlfriend. She is surprised as she didn't know he knew Sharon. Joe arrives to tell Penny the news about the twins, he's hostile towards Jim. He takes Penny for a drink at The Woolpack and she's forced to kick Jim out. Jack, Sam, Annie and Matt celebrate the births in The Woolpack. They begin to discuss names, Sam wants the boy to be called Samuel after him. Matt and Joe move the furniture out of Peggy and Matt's room into Hawthorn Cottage. Annie invites Henry to stay with them now they're moving, he accepts. Sam plans to move his things into Peggy and Matt's room. Henry offers to lend Matt some of the furniture rescued from Inglebrook. Jack drops in on Penny in the millhouse, they agree to go shopping together for furniture tomorrow. Jack questions Penny on Trash, she wonders why he's so curious about him. He admits that he is basing his next book on Trash. Penny isn't sure that her father would want her to discuss his life. Jim talks to Reverend Ruskin and says he plans to come to church every Sunday. Annie visits Beryl, they discuss Sharon. They are surprised when Penny tells them that Sharon was supposedly going out with Jim. Beryl wants Penny to ask Jim to tea so they can chat.


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