Paul and Jonny are reunited, and Marlon makes a devastating admission to Donna.


Jamie pitches in to help the Wyldes when Mark asks for a window cleaner to attend to Pear Tree Cottage. However, Mark is annoyed when Jamie almost catches him with the information he's gathered on Jimmy and rushes outside. In his haste to get Jamie out of the way, Mark tries to push the ladder towards him and it falls, hitting Jamie hard in the knee. Mark is satisfied when there's no broken bones and even happier when Jamie hadn’t noticed the file on Jimmy. Mark buys Jamie off with a cheque for a thousand pounds on the condition that the incident is never spoken of again. Meanwhile, Eli finds a heartbroken Marlon alone at Tall Trees and discovers that his brother has no idea how to move on from Donna. After a drink, Marlon asks to be left alone and Eli worries that he might do something stupid. Later, Marlon decides to talk with Donna she has hopes that he's come to give their marriage one last chance. However, Marlon asserts that he's no pushover and tells his devastated wife that the true love of his life was Tricia. Marlon breaks down and tells Donna that he is filing for divorce. Elsewhere, Lily leads Paul to a surprise meeting with Jonny. The pair are delighted to realise they both still love each but their reconciliation is stopped in its tracks when Jonny asserts his life is now in Australia and the reason for his visit was to convince Paul to move with him. Paul is torn but says that he can’t leave because of Rodney’s condition. With a heavy heart, the pair realise they have to go their separate ways. Jonny tells Paul that he’ll wait for a few more days in case anything changes.


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