Zak grills Eli, but as Eli is about to confess, the police arrive and arrest him. Meanwhile, Paul shares his concerns about Rodney to Diane and Nicola.


With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Laurel insists to Ashley that she’ll find out what's wrong with Jasmine. Laurel tells Jasmine that the easiest thing to do would be to own up, but when Jasmine falters, Laurel can’t help but notice the power Debbie holds over her. Jasmine confesses that they’re an item once more. Laurel argues that in spite of everything, she must tell the truth and save an innocent man. A weary Jasmine agrees. Later, Laurel is rocked to hear of Eli’s arrest and begs Jasmine and Debbie to turn themselves in immediately. Alone, Debbie tells Jasmine she loves her and that they have no option but to do a runner. Meanwhile, Zak does his best to get through to Eli but before he can open up, Mark interrupts their illegal fishing session. After Eli nearly thumps Mark, Zak knows that something is very wrong. Back at the homestead, Eli falters under questioning and Zak knows he had something to do with Shane’s death. However, they're interrupted by the police who reveal that they have received the forensic evidence from the Dingle van. Without further warning, Eli is arrested. Elsewhere, Paul schemes to spend time with Rodney but when his father sidesteps him, suspicions are raised. Paul grows frustrated and asks Rodney why he won’t confide in him only to be met with confusion from his father. Paul believes he can’t get through to Rodney and grows despondent. He shares his concerns with Diane and Nicola but the confusion stretches beyond their group when Eric overhears and believes them to be speculating on his own health.


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