Donna realises that her marriage is well and truly over when she walks in on Marlon in a compromising position, and Lexi takes matters into her own hands.


Donna tells Marlon that Ross has left the village and she tries to get close to her husband, but he still doesn't want anything to do with her, especially when he learns that Donna was there to see Ross leave. Donna hands in her transfer papers, but the sergeant suggests she try and give her marriage one last go. Katie is afraid of losing her friend and offers Donna the same advice, then ropes Bob into helping her talk some sense into his stepdaughter. Marlon is uncomfortable as he hears about Ross's tearful goodbye, but Chas insists that they weren't having a leaving party. An upset Marlon and Chas drunkenly share a kiss and are interrupted by Donna, who has come to beg Marlon to take her back. Donna realises that her marriage is well and truly over and she leaves the village for good. Lexi complains to Carl that the Dingles are taking them for a ride and she collars Lisa at the factory and tells her that if Debbie can't pay her loan instalment then the Kings will be taking the garage. Chas is furious when she hears about Lexi's threats and angrily confronts Carl, who then has a go at Lexi for making things personal.


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