Carl puts pressure on Chas for his money but she threatens to tell Lexi about their kiss and Carl agrees to wait until Debbie's release. Lexi is unsettled and feels even more insecure when Lisa says that she'll always be a second rate Chas in Carl's eyes. Lexi prepares romantic meal and when Carl says he loves her she proposes. Carl hesitates so a desperate Lexi reminds him she knows all his secrets and Carl feels forced to accept. Paddy has had enough of Aaron's blackmail and he decides to confess to Chas that he's in love with her but his resolve wanes when he realises that Chas is feeling down and instead he heads out to spend time with Marlon. Meanwhile, Marlon worries that his drunken fumble with Chas may soon become village gossip and he's nervous about how Chas will react. Diane learns that Andy hasn't visited Sarah and when she stops by at Butler's Farm she's shocked by the state of the farm. Diane warns Andy to pull himself together for Sarah and arranges for him to see her that afternoon. Andy gets delayed and arrives too late to see his daughter. When he complains that he needs regular access Lisa insists he sort himself out or he'll never see her at all.


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  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,540,000 viewers (11th place). This was the highest-rated episode of the year.
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