Diane tries to stay strong for the kids and arranges to go to Spain to collect Jack's body. Val worries about Diane and asks Katie to convince a grieving Andy to help with the funeral arrangements. Katie has a word with Andy but he angrily tells her to leave. Diane is told the bad news by Katie and is forced to ask Val and Eric to make arrangements for the funeral. An angry Val sets out for Butler's Farm to confront Andy with his responsibilities and reminds him that now Jack is gone he needs to step up and be the man his father would be proud of. Nicola is horrified when she wakes up next to Jimmy and, not only that, the truck is now somewhere near Hull! When the taxi turns up to take them home Nicola's misery is complete when Jimmy insists on going Dutch for the fare. Back in the village, Nicola asks Jimmy to hide behind the taxi to hide from David but the car drives off and Nicola is mortified that Jimmy is in full view. Her day gets even worse when she's sent home from work by Natasha after the Wyldes for looking like she's slept in her clothes!


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