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Poor Ocker is let off with a suspended sentence for his role in the barn fire, whilst Smarty doesn't get so lucky. Meanwhile, Donald returns to the village with the news that Clive has been released from prison.


Matt passes on the news to Joe that Poor Ocker has received a suspended sentence for his part in the barn fire, but it looks like Smarty will be sent to prison. Sam is back at the farm and isn't pleased with how Henry's looked after his garden. Donald is also back from Greece along with Olwen, they are both relieved that Clive has been released from prison. Donald asks Olwen if she'd like to help out with the village choir. They invite the Sugdens to dinner for looking after the Vicarage in their absence. Joe bumps into Phil Fletcher at Hotten Market and confronts him over £150 he still owes Emmerdale for three cows and milk from three years ago. He tries to talk his way out of paying for them and Joe calls him a fool. He warns Joe not to call him a fool again. Matt keeps back one of the cows for Dolly. Buster Stevens notices Phil overloading his new cattle wagon with cows and warns him he should make two separate journeys. Phil takes no notice and Buster warns him if he leaves he'll have to inform the authorities. Sam, Matt, Annie, Dolly, Donald and Olwen gather for lunch at the Vicarage. They discuss the choir and Sam surprises everyone by stating Amos has a brilliant voice and should join.


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