Mark is unnerved when Natasha reveals that Tristan is on his way to sort things out. Tristan arrives with no idea that his wife has left him. Tristan deludes himself into thinking Maisie is just being dramatic but her reaction suggests otherwise when she enters and fumes with her mother's obvious interference. Maisie tries to leave but Nathan pleads with her to give his friend another chance. Maisie complains about Tristan's obsessive behaviour but Nathan retorts with some happier memories and she's torn. Mark and Natasha are delighted thinking their matchmaking has worked when Maisie does an about turn. The Wyldes wave the newly reconciled couple off, but Maisie realises she has made a mistake and gets out of the car. Feeling liberated, she heads into the Woolpack to celebrate with the regulars. Elsewhere, Paddy is concerned when Chas calls in sick and tells Gennie that they kissed. Gennie refuses to help Paddy get the lowdown on Chas’ feelings. However, Gennie bumps into her sister and accuses her of using people after learning that the kiss was a mistake. Chas knows she needs to put Paddy straight that they have no future but she just can’t break his heart. Chas feels terrible for not putting him in his place whereas Paddy's delighted. Also, Andy looks to the future when he can get the farm back in business. Daz is worried, though, when Andy pledges to buy a herd of livestock prior to Jack's will reading. He tries to calm Andy's enthusiasm but fails. Back at the Woolpack, Diane struggles with her emotions as she fears the kids will forget about her. However, a visit from Victoria cheers her up and she mentions missing having her around. When Victoria expresses her fears about the will reading, Diane makes it clear that she will always be there for her. Victoria asks to stay at the Woolpack and Diane is pleased.


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