Victoria is annoyed to hear of Andy’s cattle purchase before the will reading has taken place. In his will, Jack leaves Robert, Andy, Daz and Victoria an equal share to be paid in annual instalments. Andy is angry that he can’t have the full amount and fumes that Diane has been left 50% share of the remaining estate. Andy demands he be allowed extra money to buy the cattle. Victoria objects, insisting that the money be used sparingly for all of them. With the kids arguing, the decision rests with Diane. She decides to put the money into the farm but insists that they all have equal shares in the business. Meanwhile, Katie is amused to hear about Chas and Paddy but becomes more serious when she tells her friend that someone more stable might be just what she needs. She's later impressed when Paddy prevents Carl from laying into Aaron. Chas expresses her gratitude to Paddy and tries to kiss him. He backs off, believing that she's doing it out of pity but Chas convinces him otherwise and this time he responds. Realising how supportive he is to her, Chas sleeps with Paddy. Elsewhere, Val is impressed with Maisie but Diane warns her to let her parents know she's still in the village. Maisie heads back to Home Farm and her family are less than amused with her decision. Natasha is annoyed but says that if she's staying around then she needs to find a job. Nathan asks his sister to take her new life seriously and decides to help out. Wanting to cause ructions, Maisie tells her parents she has got a job in the Woolpack but is disappointed when they are fine with her working behind the bar.


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Diane Sugden: "What's that?"
Val Pollard: "Bolivian Bordello."
Diane Sugden: "Pardon?"
Maisie Wylde: "Cocktail I learnt. On a school trip to South America."
Val Pollard: "I told her our school trip didn't take us further than Whitley Bay."

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