Marlon receives a visiting order from Debbie and decides to use the opportunity to convince her to see Eli. When he arrives Debbie won't budge and tells him that she doesn't want to see Eli. Marlon refuses to give in and starts to make progress when Debbie reacts to the news that Eli tried to turn himself in to save her. Marlon asks Debbie why Jasmine didn't get the cold shoulder for abandoning her when Eli has supported her all the way and Debbie is thoughtful. Debbie confesses that Jasmine called her and Marlon begs her to tell him where Jasmine is hiding out. When she divulges Jasmine's phone call, Marlon presses Debbie to reveal where she was calling from. Debbie guiltily reveals she heard Sandy talking in the background and Marlon tells Eli that finding Sandy is the key to unlocking the mystery. Marlon tells Eli and they determine to find Sandy - and Jasmine. Chas tells Paddy after their night of passion that she will confess to Aaron that they're now an item. Lexi sees Chas leaving Paddy's first thing in the morning and can't wait to smugly tell Carl what she's seen. Aaron seems cool about his mum's new relationship, while Carl struggles to hide his jealousy from Chas. Gennie tells Chas she was hurt at the way she was treated over Paddy and Chas has some bridges to build.


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