Phil and Joe clash when Phil accuses him of reporting Phil to the RSPCA. Meanwhile, Olwen struggles with Amos at choir practice.


Phil takes his son, Terry, shooting. Terry's disappointed as he isn't very good. Henry isn't pleased with Amos's plans to redecorate The Woolpack. Olwen calls at The Woolpack and tries to persuade Henry to rejoin the choir but he decides not to. She goes through to the back to ask Amos. Sam encourages Henry to play along. Amos agrees to join. Terry and Phil arrive back with nothing from the shoot. Maggie expresses her dislike of Terry owning a gun. Phil informs Maggie that he was stopped at Hotten Market for having the wrong diesel in his truck and also reported to the RSPCA for overloading his wagon and believes it's down to Joe. He tells Maggie he'll get his own back. Joe invites Kitty out for the night. Matt explains to Dolly about their dealings with Phil. Phil ponders to Maggie whether they should give up milk and branch into beef, when she mentions selling the wagon. She worries that he's taking on too much and not seeing any profit for it. Olwen struggles with Amos at the choir practice. Phil turns up in The Woolpack and causes a scene with Joe. He accuses him of reporting him to the RSPCA and shows Joe up before storming off. Joe goes after him.


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