Marlon informs Betty that Sandy is back in the UK and shocked, she heads straight over to Mulberry to find out more. A guilty Doug reveals that Sandy is living with another woman. Betty fumes at the unexpected development and demands that Doug give her Sandy's address. Ashley and Laurel are disturbed to hear of Marlon's involvement and after speaking to a distressed Sandy, Laurel suspects that her father-in-law may know where Jasmine is. Knowing they have to be sure, Ashley and Laurel decide visit Scotland themselves. Meanwhile, Marlon and Eli do their best to convince Betty to visit Sandy but she storms out, accidentally leaving his address on a table. As Marlon and Eli race out of the village, they are hotly pursued by a worried Laurel and Ashley. Elsewhere, Jimmy persuades a reluctant Edna to talk with Scarlett, who seems to be worrying about her relationship. Edna takes Scarlett to the café where they are joined by Lily. Scarlett is upset that Daz seems uninterested in her now he has the farm. Lily and Edna both advise Scarlett on how to grab Daz's attention - namely by some romance or a nice meal. However, Scarlett refuses to pander to Daz and decides to go it alone. Also, Leyla starts to worry that David still has feelings for Nicola. Leyla shares her concerns with Lily, who is angry on her friend's behalf. Taking issue with David, Lily warns him not to mess Leyla about. David reacts angrily to being read the riot act and dumps Leyla in the pub. Leyla is devastated but a watching Rodney tells her that a beautiful woman can do so much better.


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