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Zak gets a bad feeling about the scheme when Marlon and Eli turn up dressed as a vicar and chef respectively. While the two brothers head inside the hospital to look around, Zak and Shadrach wait nervously in the van. Zak shows Shadrach that he's brought a gun insisting they’ll do whatever it takes if the initial plan fails. After finding Debbie and Danielle under heavy guard, Eli attacks the prison officers with Danielle's help. Marlon helps Eli to hide the guards, but Eli is crushed when Debbie refuses to go with them, sure the whole family will be locked up and Sarah will be left alone. Both are choking back the tears as Debbie tells Eli not to let Sarah forget her. Meanwhile, Nicola is warned off Mark by Katie who notices her attraction to the boss. Her plan seems to be thwarted later when Natasha arranges a meeting for the same time and demands Nicola's presence. Nicola deduces that Natasha suspects something and informs Laurel of Mark's feelings. When Natasha speaks to Nicola about the meal she becomes even more confused about what's happening. Deluded Nicola thinks Mark and Natasha are both interested in her. Elsewhere, Nathan agrees to help Natasha out and collect Will from school. However, Nathan doesn’t show and so Sam and Belle agree to take Will home. Natasha is not impressed when Nathan is late to pick up Will and warns her son that anything might have happened. Nathan simmers when Sam is pronounced the hero by the other Wyldes. He follows Sam back to the Dingles and launches into a verbal attack for making a fool of him.


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