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The Dingles are beside themselves with worry before Debbie’s appearance in court and prepare themselves for the worst. Outside the village, Sandy meets Jasmine to give her Natasha’s Explorers donation he has stolen and they share a tearful goodbye. At the same time, Eli sees Danielle off on a bus unaware that Jasmine is fleeing on the same one. When the police raid the bus Jasmine thinks her luck is up but is surprised to see them arrest Danielle. At the courthouse, Hawkins worries about Debbie’s state of mind before the hearing and tries to convince her to plead manslaughter in the hope of securing a shorter sentence. As the court room fills Debbie puts on a brave face in front of her family. The Dingles wait with baited breath as the judge asks for Debbie’s plea. Meanwhile, Katie is amused when Nicola discusses her fears that Mark and Natasha both are interested in her. Instead of quashing Nicola’s suspicions Katie plays along and worries Nicola further. Worried at what Natasha and Mark have planned for her, Nicola invites Jimmy to the meal with her. Nicola desperately tries to deflect the Wyldes’ questions onto Jimmy, but he spends the night brooding about being a guest in his old home. Natasha and Mark are astonished when Nicola drunkenly admits her suspicions. Jimmy feeling sorry for her takes her home and they end up in bed once again. Elsewhere, Rodney urges Sam to make the most out of life when the latter divulges his run-in with Nathan. Sam goes round to Home Farm and asks to be put on the waiting list for a gamekeeping job. Scheming, Nathan heads to the Woolpack and tells Lee that Sam is after his job. Nathan then manipulates Natasha into giving Sam a job as gamekeeper, sure that Lee is out of his depth revealing that some pheasants have gone missing.


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