Nicola is mortified when she wakes up next to Jimmy and vows never to be in his bed again. Nicola tries to explain herself when Rodney finds out, but she has food for thought when Rodney suggests that Jimmy may not be as broke as he makes out. Nicola apologises to Jimmy and seduces him once again, while she plans how to get her hands on Jimmy's nest egg. The Thomas and Dingle families both have to deal with their own problems in the wake of the drama in court. Ashley berates Sandy for his deception regarding Jasmine. Sandy is a broken man, but he is glad of Betty's support. Court is set to resume tomorrow with judgements on both Debbie and Jasmine. Brenda confides in Doug that Bob may have to sell the businesses. Terry tells her that Bob selling up needn't be the end of the world and Brenda is thoughtful. When Bob returns from the cash and carry he's confronted by Terry and Brenda who suggest that she buys into the business and they become partners. Bob accuses the pair of conspiring behind his back, but they talk him round and Bob agrees to sell that flat and shop to Brenda.


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