Nicola is amused when Scarlett warns her against messing Jimmy around. Annoyed by Nicola's flippant reaction, Scarlett tells her that Jimmy will soon see her true colours. Later, Jimmy overhears Nicola bragging to Rodney about her trip to see the fortune and relishes what's to come. Gathering a group of villagers outside the Woolpack, including David, Jimmy collects Nicola in one of the trucks. Nicola finds out that her trip to a Swiss bank to withdraw Jimmy's millions is actually a haulage trip and she shows her gold-digging true colours. Also, Doug makes a grovelling apology to Brenda following his outburst in the pub. Sensing that Bob has been avoiding her, Brenda makes it clear that any feelings she had for him are gone and that Doug needn’t spoil their working relationship. A returning Jamie advises his dad to go ahead with the arrangement but, worried about village gossip and Viv’s feelings, Bob tells Brenda that he won’t be selling the shop to her. Furious and aware Doug is to blame, Brenda pours a pint over him and calls off their working relationship. Meanwhile, Nathan asks Katie for her opinion on Eric as the Wyldes need to do business with him. Suitably forewarned, Nathan talks to Eric about filling in the lake and hopes to cut corners with the help of the crafty councillor. Mark congratulates his son for securing Eric's assistance and a watching Maisie is put out at Nathan being given more attention.


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