Maggie approaches Donald and tries to get him to sort out the feud between Joe and Phil, whilst the feud reaches the climax where a struggle between Joe and Phil results in Phil getting shot - and accusing Joe of shooting him deliberately.


Kitty expresses her embarrassment to Joe about him storming off after Phil following his outburst. Amos has put up a notice stating the changes he has in mind for The Woolpack. The villagers aren't impressed. Maurice offers his assistance to Sam to help improve the bowling green. Amos tells Maurice he's decided not to join the choir. Phil and Terry plan to go shooting again. Annie tries to talk Joe into cooling off with Phil but he won't listen. Later, Joe notices Phil and Terry walking with guns on Emmerdale land and questions if they've been shooting. They refuse to say whether they have or not and Joe decides to check their guns to find out. He and Phil wrestle over the gun, resulting in the trigger accidentally being pulled and Phil is shot in the leg. Joe wraps a belt around him to stop the bleeding and dashes off to The Woolpack to ring for help. Sam disapproves of the changes to the village choir now Olwen has taken over. He asks Annie to speak to Donald. Donald isn't pleased with Olwen when she plans to pay a man for joining the choir, but she tells him he's being pompous. Maggie visits Donald and asks if he can step in and sort out the quarrel between Joe and Phil. Amos arrives, notebook in hand, just in time to see Phil being carried off on a stretcher accusing Joe of deliberately shooting him.


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