Mark tells an elated Maisie that his offer on the pub has been accepted. Over at the Woolpack, Val’s plan to convince Diane to hand over her share of the pub works when Diane speaks with her advisors. When Nathan discovers information about the deal from Eric, Nathan informs Natasha about Mark's deal with Eric and Val for the Woolpack. Natasha is livid and tells Diane despite Mark's offer they will not be buying the Woolpack. Diane is furious to realise why Val's been priming her for retirement and urges Natasha to leave it to her. Elsewhere, Victoria skives school to spend the day with Aaron. They talk about each other's lives and then Aaron leans in for a kiss. Victoria reciprocates but they are interrupted when she receives a text from Andy. They rush back to the village, but Aaron makes no attempt to hide from Andy. While Andy drags his sister home, Aaron watches, confident that the kiss will lead to more. That evening, Andy warns Victoria to stay away from Aaron or face the consequences. Victoria, however, has no intention of doing so and a text from Aaron requests another meeting. Meanwhile, Jamie deceives Betty into thinking that further chutney orders are to be sent to Louise. However, his scheme soon starts to unravel when Betty notices a delivery of chutney at Home Farm. After giving Bob a chance to admit what they’ve done, Betty decides that revenge is on the menu. She tells Jamie and Bob that Alan has been taken ill because of a rogue batch of chutney and that they must get the produce back before Louise tastes it. Jamie obliges and, while he's gone, Betty cooks a disgusting chutney alternative.


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