Victoria tells Daz that only his affections will keep her away from Aaron. After hearing about the fight, Chas explains the situation to Diane, who worries about the danger of Victoria living with her brothers. Despite warnings from Chas, Aaron meets Victoria but Daz sees them together and his interference convinces Aaron that Victoria's not worth it. Later, Diane visits the farm to be briefed on the goings on between Victoria and Aaron. Her concern grows when Andy seems determined to settle things by any means necessary. While they debate the matter Victoria sneaks off to meet Aaron, who apologises and suggests they keep seeing each other. Sealing their alliance with a kiss it seems their relationship will continue in secret. Also, Will is bullied at school when the Wyldes’ edition of Horse and House magazine goes on sale. After Belle’s encouragement, Will asks Natasha if he can go to Hotten Primary but Natasha gives him a firm no. Will is disappointed and upset, but he receives a further blow when Natasha defers her decision on allowing him to attend a sleepover organised by the Emmerdale Explorers. Rodney points out to Betty that she may have missed an opportunity with the Wyldes. After apologising to Natasha, Betty is stunned when the lady of the manor offers to sell her normal chutney under the Home Farm brand. Jamie is deflated to hear of the development but Rodney tells him he deserved it. Seizing on an idea, Rodney goes to see Natasha and suggests holding a culinary talent contest in the village, where the winners receive a contract through Home Farm. Natasha agrees, but Rodney adds the condition that if it's successful he's given a job.


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