The Dingles realise that they must raise cash to renovate Tug Ghyll for Debbie. Lisa decides that Zak has failed her and takes control of the arrangements for Debbie's return. She's angered when Andy refuses to discuss joint access. However, when Gennie lets slip that Bob is keeping a wad of cash in the shop, Aaron suggests they rob him. Reluctantly, Zak agrees and they keep Lisa out of the loop. Meanwhile, Nicola’s change of address causes uproar in the King household. Jimmy admits that he didn’t write the love letter, but does want Nicola to live with him. Carl is wrong footed when Jimmy asks his brother not to stand in the way of his happiness. After finding out that Sandy is the author of the letter, Jimmy thanks him for helping out. Nicola remains in the dark and happily moves her things over from Mulberry. Elsewhere, Maisie convinces Nathan to make Andy an improved offer for the cattle. Andy is pleased to strike a deal with Nathan, especially as it sees his rival having to grovel. Celebrating with a drink in the Woolpack, Andy is taken aback when Maisie says she helped him. Andy doesn’t thank her so Maisie takes a more direct approach to get his attention and turns up at Butler's with a celebration hamper. Tipsy the pair are having fun until she moves in for a kiss and he asserts he can’t do this. Maisie is defeated and he asks her to leave.


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Memorable dialogue

Shadrach Dingle"Listen to his squelching, he's like a big, wet flannel."
Marlon Dingle"You're the wet flannel, Sadrag!"

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