Debbie is apprehensive before seeing Jasmine again, especially after receiving a cold reception from Sandy at Mulberry. Debbie visits Jasmine in prison and the atmosphere is difficult. Debbie apologises for her lover's situation but Jasmine assures her that prison is where she deserves to be. Debbie tries to make Jasmine feel better by promising to wait for her but is stunned when the reply is negative. Jasmine makes it clear that they both need to move on with their lives. The girls say a tearful final goodbye and Debbie promises to keep an eye out for Sandy. At the café, Brenda shows Gennie a new pint-sized menu and explains they need new stock quickly. With some encouragement from Gennie, Shadrach purloins some goods and sells them to Brenda at a discounted rate. Disaster strikes when is transpires that the tins of food are all wrongly labelled and all the customers storm out angrily. Bob and Brenda have a furious row when he accuses her of blowing the last bit of cash he has on dodgy produce, unaware she paid for it herself. Brenda quits her job on the spot and declares she's moving out before storming out. Meanwhile, Chas is thrown to receive an invite to Carl and Lexi’s wedding. Aaron takes delight in telling Paddy, who can’t hide his discomfort. After refusing Paddy's offer to confide in him, Chas feels bad and suspects he knows about the wedding invitation. She guiltily races after Paddy as he goes on his rounds and produces the letter. Chas admits that she feels weird but isn’t jealous and pledges her future to Paddy. Satisfied, they kiss.


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