Sandy meets with McNally to speak about his campaign, but quickly throws the reporter out when their points of view concerning Jasmine's incarceration differ quite dramatically. In spite of his setback, Sandy calls a meeting of the villagers, keeping it a secret from Ashley. Ashley has a go at Laurel for backing Sandy's 'Free Jasmine' campaign as he thinks that the outcome will just be a costly disappointment. Sandy battles on oblivious to the problems he is causing within the family. Natasha invites Marlon to tea in an attempt to satisfy her suspicions about his 'relationship' with Maisie. Marlon is horrified by the idea and tells Maisie that there's no way he's going to go. Maisie turns on the charm and manages to talk him round when she mentions how much fun their subterfuge is. Marlon feels awkward when he gets to the Wyldes' and Natasha and Mark delight in seeing Marlon squirm. Natasha points out that the only thing the couple have in common is that both Marlon and Maisie are still married. Maisie is furious and the battle lines are drawn. As if to prove a point Maisie snogs Marlon, leaving him pleasantly confused. Despite her daughter's best attempts, Natasha remains convinced that something is wrong.


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