Nathan sends Lee on a wild goose chase hunting poachers to make him late for a date with Katie. When the search proves fruitless Lee accuses Sam of being the poacher. Lee heads back to Home Farm alone and falls into a hunting trap and badly injures his leg. Meanwhile, Katie thinks she's been stood up and lets a wily Nathan buy her a drink. Lee is discovered by Natasha and Mark and rushed to hospital while the real poacher - Mick - is riddled with guilt. Nathan suggests to Natasha that they extend their gravel pit into Butler's Farm to put pressure on Andy to dump Maisie. Andy is fuming when Nathan shows up with a surveyor, but knows he's powerless to stop him. Maisie finds out about the threat and tells her family that if they continue to hassle her and Andy she's moving in with him. David gives Leyla a loan to help with her mum's nursing home costs. Val witnesses the exchange and tells Eric and they confront David to try to convince him that Leyla is lying to get his cash. David defends Leyla, but doubts creep in when Leyla goes AWOL and later reveals the money he gave her has almost gone.


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  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,880,000 viewers (21st place).
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