Leyla tells David that she thinks Eric is colluding with Nathan to close the footpath once the elections are over. David is grateful to have Leyla back in his corner even though she's masking her true feelings. Edna offers to let David move in with her when he decides to leave Eric's. David confronts his dad about Leyla's theory, but before Eric can respond, Val suggests they stage a debate in the village hall tomorrow so each candidate can present their case. Debbie receives notice that Andy is challenging her sole custody claim of Sarah. Natasha offers any financial support Debbie requires, but she's wary of her motives. Debbie tells Cain about Natasha's offer, but Cain wants to keep things in the family and he offers to hire his solicitor for the case, assuring Debbie that he can afford it. Terry is upset when Brenda reveals she may move back to Hotten when Bob's businesses are sold and he considers asking her to move in with him, but worries that he'll have to kick out Bob and Jamie. Terry hints to Bob that he may want to find somewhere else to live, but he's stuck when Bob insists he couldn't survive without his mate's generosity.


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