Bob is hurt when Brenda is nowhere to be seen as the auction starts, but as the lot comes up Brenda rushes in and whispers to Bob that she has the money to save his businesses. Bob calls a dramatic halt to the auction after agreeing to let Brenda have a stake in the businesses rather than accepting her charity. Gennie is flummoxed as to where the money has come from and Brenda guiltily confesses that she went to a loan shark. Val is furious with Leyla for helping David at the debate and tries to fire her from the factory, but she's overruled by Eric, who doesn't want to damage his campaign further. Eric assures Val that there's another way to deal with Leyla and he asks Nathan to exploit Leyla's weak spot - money - to get her onside. Nathan invites Leyla to discuss job opportunities at Home Farm. Jimmy refuses to face Nicola when Carl asks him to talk to her about moving out. Carl gives Lexi his blessing to deal with Nicola in her own way and Lexi bluntly tells Nicola to pack her bags. Lexi feels smug when Nicola starts sobbing, but she has no option but to go back on her threat.


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