Nathan is worried that David is capturing the popular vote and he discusses his concerns with Eric. The Woolpack regulars overhear and an argument develops about why the candidates are standing. Eric winces as he humiliates David by suggesting that he's compensating for his own feelings of inadequacy. A drunk David makes an idiot of himself by singing on a pub table in an attempt to embarrass Eric, but he embarrasses himself instead as he falls off a chair! Rodney is convinced that Nicola is seriously ill and he tries questioning Laurel, who insists that she knows nothing about Nicola being ill. Rodney comes to the conclusion that Nicola is out of sorts because of Jimmy's bad treatment of her and he begs Jimmy to be civil to Nicola. Meanwhile, Nicola heads off for her first scan and confesses to a shocked Laurel that she is intending to have a termination. Val wants Maisie to liven up The Woolpack lunchtime trade and Maisie puts a few suggestions forward. Val is scathing about her suggestions and instead decides that they're going to hold a quiz and Maisie is not amused when Val orders her to plan the questions. Maisie leaves the questions lying around and a mischievous Sandy takes a peek.


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