Nicola prepares herself to go to the clinic to have a termination and Laurel pleads with her not to go ahead with it, but Nicola stubbornly refuses to change her mind. A distraught Laurel blurts out Nicola's secret to Rodney and a stunned Rodney quickly confronts his daughter. Nicola and Rodney have a heart-to-heart and Nicola realises that she can't go through with the termination, but she makes it clear that she doesn't want Jimmy to know anything about her pregnancy. Cain gives Aaron some money to keep Victoria occupied for the day and Aaron persuades Victoria to skive off school with him. Cain then calls the school to report Victoria playing truant and Andy gets a visit from the truancy officer. Andy is angry with a regretful Victoria for possibly damaging his custody battle. Sandy looks smug on the day of the pub quiz, as he's already seen all the questions. Maisie is quizmaster and the other teams are frustrated when Sandy doesn't hide that he's getting every question right. Natasha smells a rat and discovers that Sandy has the answers written on his arm. Natasha insists on joining Sandy's team and they win the quiz. Maisie is thoughtful when Sandy mentions she's lucky to have Natasha as a mum.


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