Nicola faces up to the reality of her pregnancy but still refuses to tell Jimmy. After he's informed of Nicola's ‘illness’ by Rodney, Jimmy decides to explain to her that she needs to move on. Nicola is incredulous at Jimmy's arrogance and attacks him with her handbag before dissolving into tears. A fuming Jimmy tells Rodney to control his daughter, arguing that she's gone mad. Rodney feels he has no choice but to explain that Nicola's pregnant. He warns Jimmy not to let on that he knows and leaves him in a difficult situation between his joy at potential fatherhood and the prospect of keeping his knowledge of the situation from Nicola. Meanwhile, Cain is puzzled as to why Debbie refuses to use Andy’s history of domestic violence against him. When Debbie refuses to stamp her authority on Andy later in the day, Cain is furious with her cordial attitude. Debbie explains her fears that if she fights dirty it will somehow bounce back on her. Cain is sorry and wonders what he can do to ease Debbie's pain. In a quandary over whether he should seek Debbie's permission, Cain decides to reveal Andy's history of violence to CAFCASS.  Elsewhere, David is the laughing stock of the village following his vocal gymnastics. Noticing his despair, Lizzie offers to do some canvassing by handing out leaflets on David's behalf. Eric is intrigued to learn of David's newest supporter, but appeals to the devil in Lizzie and offers her more money to turncoat. David is miffed to find that Eric has convinced Lizzie to deliver his campaign leaflets instead of his and Lizzie feels guilty when David refuses to win dirty.


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