Jack and Edward walk in on Jim strangling Penny and call the police. Annie and Beryl are shocked when Jim confesses to Sharon's murder. Meanwhile, Alison decides she needs a break from the village following Amos's proposal.


Alison tells Henry she is still thinking about his marriage proposal, but wonders if it's too early following her husband's death. He tells her he's happy to wait. Sam is unhappy about Henry getting Peggy and Matt's room. Liz mentions to Henry about the money in the collection. Annie and Joe inspect the redecorated millhouse. Joe mentions having a housewarming party. Jack pays Penny for her work. Jim watches Jack, Annie and Joe leave for the hospital, leaving Penny alone in the millhouse. Amos and Alison share a sherry, he asks her if she would consider going into partnership with him and proposes to her; she refuses. Jim creeps into the millhouse and startles Penny. He becomes nervous when Penny mentions that Beryl's invited him to tea to talk about Sharon. He tells Penny he fancies her. She asks if Trash stopped him trying it on with Sharon. He tries to force himself on her but she fends him off. She leaves him on the floor while she makes some tea. When she returns, he gets up and with her back turned to him, Jim tries to strangle her. Jack and Reverend Ruskin are walking back to the millhouse discussing God, they arrive back to find Penny struggling to breathe on the floor with Jim standing over her. Alison explains to Henry that she's leaving Beckindale for a while. Liz takes a call from Reverend Ruskin and Annie comforts Beryl when they become aware that Jim has confessed to murdering Sharon. Ruskin informs Liz that it was Jim who put the money in the collection, it was the remainder of what he'd taken from Sharon. Beryl is taken to hospital for shock. Ruskin tells Liz that Jim had seen a film in which the killer packed his victim's bag to make it look like they were leaving and once he'd discovered that he'd killed Sharon he planned to do the same, only when he went to pack her bag, he'd discovered it was already packed.


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