Natasha is worried that Maisie is getting too close to Cain and she warns Cain off. She's taken aback when Cain reveals he knows she followed Mark and makes it clear he'll do what he likes. Mark sees them arguing and confronts Natasha, who comes clean about following him. A guilty Mark forgives her and insists he would never cheat on her. Later, Mark gathers the family together and asks Natasha if they can renew their wedding vows and Natasha is touched. Andy gets a visit from the CAFCASS officer who confronts Andy about reports of his domestic abuse. Andy panics and lies that he never touched Jo. The social worker buys his story, but Victoria is disapproving and later tells Andy that he should have told the truth. The stress of the case is starting to show on Andy. Lizzie tells Eric that they have unfinished business when he turns his back on her after the debacle at the council function. Lizzie turns up at a council meeting and demands her money for helping him out and when he refuses she pelts him with eggs. Lizzie later disrupts Eric in a business meeting with Nathan and a client and warns them not to get involved with Eric.


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