Bob and Gennie are enjoying each other's company as they prepare food for Laurel's party. Gennie is embarrassed when later on her tipsy mum quizzes Gennie in front of Bob about why she's so hopeless with men. Gennie runs out and Bob follows to check she's OK. Brenda asks Terry to follow them and Terry is stunned when he sees Gennie and Bob kissing! Aaron goes shoplifting with Victoria and leaves her to get caught. Andy is furious and accuses Aaron of deliberately setting them up to negatively affect his custody claim. Victoria slaps Aaron, who insists that she's got the wrong idea. Cain looks on and is delighted with Aaron for unwittingly helping Debbie's custody case. Back at Butlers Farm, Andy is in bits after learning that Jo has agreed to give a statement confirming his violent behaviour. Jimmy tries to talk to a stubborn Nicola at Laurel's party and he lets the cat out of the bag about her pregnancy in front of Betty. Nicola refuses to agree to get back with him so they can be a family but Laurel later tells Nicola that she should give Jimmy a chance and Nicola is torn. Also, Lexi worries about telling Carl that she's no longer taking the pill.


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  • A security guard is uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,750,000 viewers (18th place).
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