Andy fears that the custody decision will go against him and prepares to take Sarah to Spain to stay with Annie. Mick is curious when Sarah mentions that they’re going on holiday. Torn between his employer and his conscience, Mick decides to forewarn Debbie that Andy has been packing a bag. Debbie drives round to Butlers and finds Andy loading the car. Though he tries to deny it, Debbie knows what he's doing and sets about finding Sarah. Distraught at the thought of losing custody of Sarah, Andy locks himself Debbie and Sarah in the house. Andy's temper gradually rises as he argues he's the only person never to abandon Sarah and coldly states he’ll do anything to keep her. Debbie secretly calls Cain and allows him to hear her argument with Andy via speakerphone. Cain starts kicking the door of Butlers down, but has to resort to smashing through the window to get inside. He makes sure Debbie and Sarah are out before mocking Andy saying that he's lost Sarah forever. Andy's left broken by the ordeal. Elsewhere, Carl finds a pregnancy test in Lexi’s bag and suspects she's having a baby. Sharing his concerns with Jimmy, Carl is clearly dreading another baby. Carl asks Lexi about the pregnancy test and she shocks him with the revelation that she stopped taking the pill. Lexi is gutted with his reaction as Carl is fuming that she kept it from him. Carl realises he might have taken things too far when Lexi gets the impression that he never wants a child with her. Lexi is crushed when the pregnancy test is negative, but Carl gives her some encouragement when he agrees they can keep trying. Also, Terry is concerned to see the awkwardness between Bob and Gennie. When he shares a drink with Bob and Brenda over lunch Terry notices Bob's unease when Brenda summarises Gennie's many poor choices in men. Bob is floored when Terry tells him that he saw him and Gennie kiss and he feels wretched when Terry tells him to speak with Gennie. Bob swallows his pride and explains to Gennie that a relationship would be very difficult between them as he likes her a lot, but he wouldn’t want to make a terrible mistake. When Gennie suggests they cool it, Bob is relieved, thinking she's got the message, but we see that Gennie thinks they’ve only agreed to slow things down temporarily.


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  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,270,000 viewers (25th place).
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