Andy turns up at court for the custody hearing wearing the look of a doomed man. Debbie feels guilty about taking Sarah away from him, but she gives an impassioned plea about why she should be given a chance to be Sarah's mum. Andy listens intently and her words strike a chord and he shocks everybody by withdrawing his custody application. Debbie is awarded full custody and is delighted, but her victory is bittersweet when she sees how defeated Andy looks. Lexi plans on an evening of baby making and gets a few ideas when Gennie reveals that her auntie ate oysters to help her get pregnant with triplets. Meanwhile, Carl asks Jimmy to let him go on an overseas trip, but Jimmy insists that a reluctant Carl spend some time with Lexi. Lexi is delighted when Jimmy goes on the business trip giving her and Carl time alone and gets the oysters in and sets a romantic mood. Eric is growing weary of campaigning and David is worried when Eric doesn't react when he learns that David is ahead in the polls. Eric appears to have given up when he decides to take Val for an anniversary meal rather than spend the evening canvassing for votes.


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