David’s suspicion remains when Eric spends the morning of the election canvassing in public, but looking thoroughly worn out when the public have gone. Val warns Eric that David knows something is wrong but he orders her not to breathe a word until after the election. David and Eric have a heart-to-heart and realise that neither is enthusiastic about the election anymore. David delves into his father's mirth and Eric finally admits his heart attack. David is in pieces but Eric tells him not to worry and as they put their differences aside Eric whispers that he voted for his son. The village hall erupts in a round of applause as David wins the election. Eric tells David he is proud of him but it is clear his son's victory is going to come at a cost to him. Meanwhile, Andy isolates himself from his family as he becomes depressed after losing Sarah. Victoria is hurt to realise Andy gave up on Sarah but he refuses to listen to any of her arguments. After receiving a mouthful from Victoria about how she stole Sarah from Andy, Debbie worries Sarah is missing her dad. Debbie resolves to ease Sarah's fears that Andy has abandoned her. At Mill Cottage, Carl’s every habit and aspect of life is under scrutiny by Lexi as she seeks to maximise the possibility of conception. Scarlett spends the morning with Carl at work and then explains to Lexi that her constant baby talk might be starting to grate on him. Lexi agrees and when Carl arrives home she lets her actions do the talking.


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