Carl tells Debbie her loan payments are overdue and demands she pay up by the end of the day. Cain is disgusted by Carl's course of action and offers to give Debbie the money she needs. When Carl continues his vendetta by blocking the garage with a truck, Cain smashes the window and hot wires it to Debbie's immediate disapproval. Carl comes out of Pear Tree and sees that Cain has blocked Main Street with the truck. Jimmy has to prevent his brother from starting a sight and Cain warns the Kings to deal with him from now on instead of Debbie. Carl is enraged and announces he's foreclosing the loan and wants paying in full. When Cain offers to settle Debbie's loan, Carl states the price is £2.5million. Meanwhile, Andy’s strange behaviour annoys both Diane and Debbie by almost blanking them in the village. Mick also senses something is amiss when Andy begins to repeat the jobs he's already completed. Arriving home later, Victoria is shocked to find that Andy has packed her things. Unreadable, Andy tells Victoria heard that she was staying at Diane's so he has collected her things for her. That evening when unpacking his groceries, Andy adds another bottle of ketchup next to seven others. Without recognition he calmly goes about his business. Elsewhere, Bob notices that Jamie is missing Louise and suggests a few extra shifts at the café might take his mind off it (and would provide Bob with an opportunity to distance himself from Gennie). That afternoon Jamie receives an urgent phone call from Louise and is gutted when she tells him she's ending their relationship. With Jamie completely distraught, Bob has no choice but to accept Gennie's offer to continue helping out at the café.


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