Debbie appeals to Carl’s better nature but he's intent to carry his ultimatum through. Cain makes the Kings another offer for more money but this only serves to infuriate Carl even more. Jimmy argues that they should take the money as it's probably all Cain has left, but Carl isn’t interested. Cain scares the Kings by leading them to believe he has done something to Scarlett. Jimmy's concern grows when he tries to call Scarlett and discovers that Cain is carrying her phone. They are hugely relieved when Scarlett returns home having spent the day shopping. Angry and worried about taking on Cain, Jimmy tells Carl they’ve no choice but to accept his deal. Also, Mick complains to Diane about Andy, but it seems she's washed her hands of him. He finds Andy still in bed at the farm having completed none of his morning tasks. When questioned, Andy is merely indifferent and Mick is confused and angered further. Mick, sick of Andy's strange behaviour, resigns. Meanwhile, with mum and dad away, Maisie arranges to meet Cain. Nathan does his best to express his disapproval but Maisie won’t listen and flirts with Cain in the Woolpack. She's unimpressed when Nathan mentioned a designer is coming to discuss the Wylde's shop and insists she attend. That evening Maisie discovers Nathan lied about the meeting to prevent her seeing Cain. She's fuming but Nathan defends himself by telling her that Cain is even worse than Andy and explains it's for her own good.


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