Faye is rocked when Natasha and Mark arrive and insist she leaves the area. Faye confronts Natasha's intimidation tactics and says no amount of money will convince her to leave. Realising Natasha is worried for her marriage Faye reminds her that Mark has a son and they’ll always have a bond. Getting nowhere fast, Natasha wonders how Faye would cope with a life behind bars and Mark regretfully confirms that he would be willing to go to prison to prove she was in on his disappearance. Natasha tells Faye that they’ll set her up for life if she will have nothing to do with them ever again. Faye is still clinging on to the hope that Mark is being manipulated by Natasha and pleads with him to think of Ryan. Natasha seizes the moment and explains that if she accepts money from them then Ryan won’t have to join the army. Faye finally explodes and orders them to get out. On their way out they come face-to-face with Ryan who is confused and disgusted with Mark for bringing his wife to Faye's home. Ryan storms off but when Mark defends his son's anger Natasha slaps him and reminds Mark that she blames him entirely for their problems. Natasha is relieved when Faye takes the money and goes. Meanwhile, Nicola can’t believe it when Lexi admits she can no longer have kids. A distraught Lexi goes on to explain that she can no longer give Carl a perfect life and Nicola realises she hasn’t told him yet. Nicola says that she has to be straight with him so Lexi visits Carl and work and tearfully comes clean. Carl comforts her but when he fails to show a shred of emotion Lexi erupts and blames herself for ruining their lives. Scarlett witnesses the exchange and shares her sister's despair while Carl feels totally inadequate. Carl leaves to talk to Jimmy who can’t help but criticise his brother's lack of compassion. Jimmy advises him to let things calm down and then admit his true feelings to Lexi. Also, Eric’s spirits are lifted when planning permission for his funeral parlour is approved, though Val reminds him they still have to defeat David’s opposition. When he visits the old factory site Lisa asks whether his new venture will result in the closure of Pollard & Pollard and his answer fails to provide her with any comfort. She informs her factory colleagues about the situation and they all fear for their future. Later, David tells Eric that he sees no point in pursuing a business plan which could jeopardise both his health and financial wellbeing. Eric is thoughtful and later announces to the factory staff that he has abandoned the funeral parlour idea. However, he also secretly proceeds to make a call about having his factory business liquidated.


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  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,040,000 viewers (27th place).
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