Mark is hopeful when Natasha tells him Faye took the money. However, his mood is soon dampened when Natasha rejects his offer to take her for dinner. When the key to Faye's apartment arrives in the post Natasha leaves for the flat to check she's really gone. Natasha and Mark are glad to see Faye has gone but it is clear that it will be a long time before their relationship is on the mend. Natasha confesses she saw Mark's affection for Ryan the previous day and worries that they’ll always have one foot in his past life. Mark begs her to see past his mistakes but she can’t and tells Mark she's going away to clear her head. Elsewhere, Lexi explains to Scarlett that IVF is her only chance of having kids. Scarlett suggests that she go for it believing that Carl would do anything to support her. When he arrives home Lexi broaches the subject and asks for his opinion. When Carl hesitates Lexi senses a problem and wrongly assumes he's worried that IVF will fail. Lexi tries to convince him they can do it together. Meanwhile, Eric is guilty in front of his staff when the liquidation officer arrives so he can sign the papers. He hesitates before the officer explains that closing down the factory will net him 10 grand. The factory girls have no idea what's happening as Eric calls them for a meeting. He announces that the factory will close with immediate effect. As the staff sadly accept the inevitable, Eric is left alone to contemplate the end of his shattered business. Val is furious to find out from the factory workforce that Eric has closed down the factory for good, but cools her anger when she sees how beat up he is.


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