Val schemes when Eric tells her he's earned no money from the factory closure. Val conspires with Lisa to get the Dingles to rob the factory so she and Eric can claim on the insurance. She arranges a dinner party so Eric is preoccupied for the evening. The Dingles get the go ahead from Val and break into the factory as planned. However, Val's guests decide to leave early to escape the culinary concoction she's prepared and in desperation Val rushes the pudding through in order to keep Eric exactly where she wants him. Back at the factory, the Dingles are startled when David and Leyla arrive for some adventurous late night passion, but they luckily decide to take their liaison elsewhere. Val gets the all clear from the Dingles and tells a mystified Eric that everything's going to be ok. Meanwhile, Mark is hurt to find out that Natasha is leaving on holiday sooner than he thought. Nathan is concerned to witness the unease at Home Farm and tells Maisie about the holiday. Taking the opportunity Maisie corners her mother and tells her she's coming on the holiday too. Maisie excitedly breaks the news to Mark who is grimly resigned to being abandoned by his wife. Elsewhere, Lexi’s problems are compounded when she learns she's lost her job. Back home, Carl is quietly discomfited when Lexi shares the IVF news with Scarlett. Desperate to buy himself time, Carl asks Lexi not to tell anyone they are looking into IVF. Jimmy pours scorn on Carl's latest capitulation and urges him to tell Lexi the truth before it's too late.


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