Eric arranges to meet the liquidation officer at the factory to dispose of the equipment. A wary Val accompanies him and tries to cover her complicity when Eric discovers he's been robbed. Eric goes ballistic and Val questions why as he’d told her the equipment was of minimal value. Val tries to raise his spirits by suggesting they can make an insurance claim, but he reminds her that he was refused a claim after the factory fire and his chances of succeeding this time are zero. As Val tries to put a gloss on the situation Eric sees through her and Val admits what she's done. Eric tells Val she has scuppered his liquidation plans as the equipment was really worth 10 grand and he has now lost everything. Meanwhile, Bob is unnerved to still sense a frisson between him and Gennie. Jamie arrives to give Bob receives a letter from Viv but he refuses to open it. Terry hears about the letter and marches Bob home to make him open it. The letter asks for Bob to visit the following day. Bob questions the formality of her correspondence and confesses that he fears Viv wants to see him to tell him their relationship is over. Elsewhere, Nicola does her best to avoid going to the antenatal class by staying late at the farm shop opening. Jimmy finally drags her away from her work and they are greeted by a sickly sweet group leader. Jimmy turns of the charm offensive with the other prospective parents but ends up insulting Nicola by imparting the grisly details of her pregnancy. Jimmy throws himself into the class and proves to be a much better pupil than Nicola who storms out in a huff. Nicola tells him she won’t be coming again.


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